Worship Helpers

Worship Assistants

January 14th- Mary Brockway and John Green

January 21st- Cassie Frechette and Hannah Henry

January 28th- Kevin Mariano and Dylan Snelling

February 4th- Curt Brockway and Sarah Henry

Nursery Attendants 

January 14th- Rachelle and Chelsea Weimer

January 21st- Lindley Chesser and Jenna Laflamme

January 28th-Bonnie and Will Ambruso

February 4th- Fran and Priscilla Rogers


January 14th-

Curt Brockway

Bob Calkins

Oliver Bray

January 21st-

Cheryl Dutrumble

Harry Calkins

Betsey Adams

Pete Adams

January 28th-

Gary Schuster

Nancy Schuster

Linda Henk

Bob Walker

February 4th-

Mark Kane

Karen Barber


January 14th- Nancy Allen and Oliver Bray

January 21st- Bob Walker and Linda Henk

January 28th- Frank Royce and Pete Adams

February 4th- Dick Strouse and Mark Rogers

Communion Servers- February

1- Betsey Adams and Pete Adams

2- Cheryl Dutrumble and Sue Ferguson

3- Mark Kane and Cassandra Frechette

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